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Export from IrelandFor businesses either starting to export or increasing the value of your export sales. Get the best export advice from Sean.

Advantages for Irish exporters include:

  • Significant opportunity to expand sales outside the Irish market.
  • Reduced dependence on the Irish economy and on a small number of customers
  • Opportunity to benchmark and improve your products/services against international competitors.
  • Increased production and sales should result in economies of scale, lower unit costs and better margins.
  • Increased competitiveness in the domestic market.
  • Possible opportunity to diversify into other related products.
  • Engagement in exporting should enable businesses become more adept at predicting market trends and achieving ‘first mover’ status in new developments in their fields.
  • Possible opportunity to sell at different prices in different markets.

Challenges for Irish exporters and potential exporters:

  • Putting the correct resources in place to drive export sales – marketing, sales, logistics, finance, insurance etc.
  • Not losing focus on the domestic market.
  • Ensuring customer creditworthiness.
  • Establishing appropriate credit policies for new markets and agreeing acceptable payment terms.
  • Currency issues for non-Euro customers and establishing company policy for dealing with foreign currency sales and possible cover.
  • Establishing agreed procedures for dispute resolution with customers.
  • Dealing with customs, tariffs, agents, language and protocol issues.
  • Determining the real profit on export sales in diverse markets with a mixture of different issues.

My programme to assist Irish exporters achieve & increase exports

SWOT analysis of your business compared with competitors – Detailed comparison under key headings and competitor profiling.
Gap analysis – outlining the gap between the existing export sales situation and the desired situation and what needs to happen in every aspect of the business.

  • Creating a detailed action plan to bridge this gap in a defined period.
  • Ensuring the action plan is fully implemented.

Creating and implementing a detailed step by step plan for increasing export sales

  • Personnel – who will do what.
  • Your USP – Definition and articulation of your exact USP.
  • Finance – what is needed and where it can be got.  Evaluation of and accessing the most appropriate forms of finance for your export campaign.
  • Getting paid – Ensuring you get fully paid and avoiding bad debts.  Selection of best credit insurance if appropriate.
  • Finance – Exchange rates and management of foreign exchange receipts – managing volatility and getting the best deals on these.
  • Competiveness – Ensuring your business achieves and maintains a competitive edge through cost minimisation and productivity/innovation improvements.
  • Marketing strategy – website, brochures, traditional & social media channels.
  • Sales & distribution channels – evaluation & selection of the best.
  • Ten steps to improve your international marketing effectiveness

Market research: accessing world class market research reports through Enterprise Ireland on your products/services market including:

  • Market Sector: industry and sector reports which cover key players, size of market, factors driving or curtailing demand, projected sales etc.
  • Company Information: company financials, competitors, key players, manufacturers, distributors, key personnel, etc.
  • Country Information: Profile of ‘Doing Business In’ your target countries.

Making it all pay off – Ensuring you have the systems and procedures to quickly detect and correct any unwarranted deviations from the plan.

What does it cost  – Less than what you might expect.

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