Profitability & Cashflow- The Keys to a Successful Business

Financial Controls

Financial Controller Sean Donnelly
Having the services of a Financial Controller Makes Your Business More Profitable!

And many SMEs don’t need a full-time person in this role.

Could your business benefit from having an experienced financial controller review your business, overhaul your systems, processes and most importantly help you improve your profits and cash flow? Any business can now avail of the services of an experienced financial controller on an outsourced basis for a far lower cost than a full-time role.   Your business can avail of the following depending on your needs:

  • Management & financial accounts – Determine your exact profitability, assets & liabilities
  • Key performance measures – Measure the things that really drive your business: non-financial & financial
  • Budgets, cash flow projections & funding issues – Ensure you have financial control over adequate resources. Increase/conserve cash
  • Product costing systems design & implementation – Ensuring you know your exact cost at various activity levels
  • Investment risk appraisal & support – Ensuring investments are properly appraised before funds are committed
  • Grant applications – Ensuring you avail of all possible funding facilities
  • Business planning & strategy – Having a business plan and and an execution strategy to ensure your business actually delivers the best results.

Sean Donnelly & Co – We will help you get accurate up to date information and make sense of the numbers.

The key for effective business management is good quality information. The better the information the better your decisions will be. We can help you get early warning signs so you can avoid getting yourself into trouble and use the numbers to spot opportunities to make you more profit.

We offer a range of strategic and operational finance solutions and we specialize in small and medium sized businesses.

Good financial control systems incorporate the following:

  • Safeguarding all the assets of an organization.
  • Identifying all risks and taking measures to minimise or eliminate these.
  • Ensuring the highest standards of compliance to taxation & company law legislation.
  • Maximising all available tax reliefs, grants & other mechanisms for reducing costs.
  • Playing a key role in determining the business strategy.
  • Drafting & getting agreement for budgets for every aspect of a business.
  • Ensuring effective monitoring of all key activities against budget.
  • Strategic and long-term planning.
  • Ensuring all business decisions are commercially focused and in line with the company strategy.
  • Driving profitability through focus on cost control, margin increases & resource utilisation.

Whilst all of the above functions are very important many accountants & controllers fail to accomplish all of them sometimes with disastrous results.  Unless all of the above tasks are carried out within a business the results are likely to be far less than desired.  Failure on any single issue could be very damaging to any business.

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Sean has provided an accounting & financial  control consultancy service for one of our subsidiaries.  We are very happy with the service provided by Sean and he has carried out his work in a very timely and professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Sean as a financial consultant.
Michael Dunlea. Financial Controller Tipperary Co-Op.

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