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Outsourcing with Sean Donnelly

Outsourcing Accounting, Payroll, Finance and AuditingOutsourcing – Is your business struggling to keep your accounts in order? Is payroll a task that takes up too much of your time? When you know your time would be better spent on other more productive measures and you don’t want to employ a full time accountant then you need to call Sean Donnelly and outsource your financial tasks.

Outsourcing the accounting function enables small and mid-sized clients get a top-class management accounting system, budgeting and cash management system and KPIs for a much lower cost than employing a full-time accountant.

Cost savings and achievement of top quality services at the lowest cost are the highest priority items for most organisations. For SMEs outsourcing of the accounting function is often seen as the most effective way of achieving the highest standards of management accounting information at the lowest cost. Instead of the client employing a relatively expensive full-time person, an outsourced solution can provide a flexible on-site support consultant who steps in during peak periods.

Aside from cost savings the real benefit has seen organisations being able to focus on core business activities instead of focusing on non-value added support services. The result is that a top class performance management system can be achieved.

The key to outsourcing is finding the right model and partner to service your needs.

Aside from cost savings of up to 25%, the business focus can be shifted to core activities and can avail of the services of a top professional at a very economic price.

For SMEs outsourcing can occur in different formats dependent on the wishes and needs of the client. For most businesses outsourcing works best where the client’s staff maintain the sales, purchase, payroll and bank ledgers with management accounts outsourced.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Access to superior capabilities and expertise of the provider.
  • Better management information.
  • Enables owners quickly get the key information to improve performance and profitability.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Radical transformation of the processes.
  • Enables the client to focus exclusively on the core business issues such as sales, costs, innovation, customer satisfaction, market share, competitor’s activities etc.
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