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Tax Consultant - Sean Donnelly - Kilkenny


Tax Consultant – Business and Personal Taxes

Availing of the service of a tax consultant for your business can save you paying more than you should now and far in to the future. Sean Donnelly has the knowledge and expertise to make sure you only pay what you need.

Corporation Tax and Income Tax on profits

  • Investment in energy efficient equipment: 100% capital allowances in year 1.
  • R&D Tax Credits: 25% tax credit for qualifying R&D.
  • PRSI rates: Paying EE €355/wk instead of €356/wk saves €415 p.a. in PRSI alone.
  • Jobs Plus: Payments received by an employer are excluded from income tax & PRSI.
  • Life insurance premiums S785: Tax deductible for SE.  
  • Pension payments: from limited companies to directors pension fund.
  • Tax Relief for Start-up Companies:  engaged in qualifying activities:
  • Start Your Own Business relief: For people unemployed more than 15 months.  €40k tax-free for 2 years.

Personal Tax

Spend money to save money (tax)…

  • Pensions: Personal pension payments.
  • EIIS scheme: Tax relief @ marginal rate. 30% year 1.  11% after 3 years if employment has increased.
  • Home Renovation Incentive scheme: 13.5% vat refund on renovations/repairs between €5k-€30k.
  • Medical expenses: (excluding routine dental expenses):  Tax relief @ std rate.
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