Implementing strategies to increase both your turnover and your profitability.

Ensuring you have the best strategy under the following


business growth

strategy for business growth

  • Ensuring you have the best long term, medium term and detailed action plans for your business – all designed to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
  • Review of your company’s mission, strategy and tactics to enable you to maximise your potential.

sales and marketing for business growth

  • Ensuring your sales and marketing tactics and messaging firstly match customer needs and secondly, include the key characteristics and USPs of your products and services.
  • Review and comparison of competitors’ offerings, review of key customer requirements/attractions, and compilation of plans to improve your positioning with customers.
  • Review of all strategies to identify how best to meet customer needs in a way that ensures an acceptable profit.

finance for business growth

  • Ensuring your financial systems allow you to easily:
    • Identify profitability drivers
    • Identify product & customer profitability.
    • Ensure you don’t have excess money tied up in stocks and debtors.
    • Ensure all available supports are fully utilised.
  • Assessment of your company’s forecasting methodology to ensure the financial impact of any business option can be accurately determined in advance.
  • Review of your overall finances and future funding needs so that you have at your fingertips a crystal-clear picture of the funding you’ll need for various options.
  • Ensuring you have the best strategy to mitigate any Brexit impacts and to leverage opportunities arising from Brexit.

operations for business growth

Optimising the processes you use to create and deliver your products and services to your customers – so as to ensure your costs enable you to sell at a sufficient profit.

human resources for business growth

  • Reviewing the appropriateness of your structure to ensure all key functions are adequately filled with quality and experienced personnel.
  • Identification of skills gaps and suggestions on how to eliminate these through training, upskilling etc.
  • Recommendations to ensure your policies cover all employment legislation and are appropriate for your market sector.


  • Review of your products and services relative to competitors
  • Review of market trends and the position of competing products and services that are already in or are coming onto the market.
  • Review of your methodology for creating new or improved products or services.