lean six sigma certified

How a Lean programme can make your business more profitable!


Customers and consumers in every sector are continuously offered better and improved products and services with vastly increased functionality and features. What satisfied our customers last year may be unlikely to do so this year. Nothing demonstrates this more than the history in mobile phone developments over the years from a huge device capable of only making phone calls to today’s smartphones with every possible feature. Unless our business is continuously improving, keeping pace with competitors’ offerings and satisfying customers’ wishes, then we will lose customers.

 Questions business owners need to ask themselves:

  • Do all your business activities add value for your customers?
  • Would your customers be happy paying for your processes if they examined them?
  • Have you examined key processes to find out what your customer really wants and how it should be provided?
  • What are your customers ultimately paying for?
  • What performance measurements do you use?
  • Are there areas of your business where you don’t know if they are as efficient as they should be?
  • Are you continuously monitoring customer satisfaction and what are the results?
  • Is your business constantly looking for ways to improve?

The lean programmes I undertake involve conducting an in-depth assessment of a chosen area of your business to identify:

  • The level of efficiency.
  • Waste
  • The non-value-adding activities.

If you are not satisfied your business has the correct answer for these questions, please email me a brief note of your concerns and I can arrange a brief meeting to discuss. 


Sean helped us find the perfect balance between understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and achieving process efficiency.  Sean’s pragmatic approach ensured that the solution developed was easily implementable.   I’d recommend Sean, and look forward to working with him in the future”.

Managing Director of Internationally traded services business.

“The most dangerous form of waste is the waste we do not recognise.” – Shigeo Shingo.