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Profitability Improvement Kilkenny

Proftability Improvement – Sean Provides Invaluable Information About Your Business to Grow Your Profits

  • Analysing your business position in relation to the market & competitors can give you profitability improvement- Getting an unbiased assessment of your current business position and doing a SWOT analysis to provide a basis for improvement of the overall business.
  • Detailed action plan on areas needing immediate action – Developing immediate action plans to tackle areas identified as needing immediate action and change in order to improve performance.
  • Budgets, forecasts & business planning – Plan to drive increased performance with individual & departmental targets
  • Strategy – Ensuring you have the most appropriate strategy in relation to customer and market needs, market trends and to beat competitors.
  • Ensuring a total integration of strategic and operational issues to achieve peak performance – Ensuring all activities are fully coordinated with an ongoing critical review of crucial activities.
  • Improving efficency levels – Reducing production, labour and energy costs
  • Developing a sound business strategy – To ensure peak performance.
  • Ensuring all available grants and supports are availed of – Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland grants and ensuring all tax breaks are availed of.

Profitability improvement with Sean Donnelly involves uncovering the real margins and finding out where your business is making and losing money. Many businesses have significant loss-making areas within the operations that cost significant amounts of money. We will help you uncover and rectify them.

A Profitability Improvement Programme enables your business to be structured properly to serve a rapidly changing marketplace. The attractiveness of your ‘business value proposition’ compared with customer demand is critical to business survival and prosperity. Having the proper strategies, resources, structures and procedures to serve the market will determine how well your company meets competitor’s challenges.

With the rapid pace of change in all of these issues your business needs systems to measure the effectiveness of all internal and external factors affecting your performance and plans to implement corrective action when and where required. The exact nature of the business offering to customers and the quality and consistency of delivery from all sections of a business could be critical elements in business success or failure.

With increased competition from low-cost competitors the need for the lowest costs consistent with high quality is ever present. You may need contingency plans to deal with rapid changes in customer demand, supplier performance, funding & technological issues which could otherwise jeopardise the business.

Rolling forecasts and continuously updating the Business Plan with ongoing SWOT analysis is one way to prepare for different business scenarios.

A Profitability Improvement Programme offers a range of strategic and operational solutions specialised to meet the challenges and needs of small and medium sized businesses.


With Sean’s implementation of systems and overhaul of activities there followed a process of stream-lining, rationalisation and consolidation of activities which enabled us turn an under-performing business into an very efficient, profitable one with our existing management team.
Eamonn McKenna. Managing Director, Waterford Hire Services Ltd.

I have found Sean to be exceptionally good at analysing business and financial criteria, creating sound solutions and helping to have them implemented. Sean’s ability to analyse issues, develop & implement practical, beneficial solutions over a wide range of business topics is what sets him apart. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sean to any business owner facing any challenges on finance, sales or strategic issues or who wishes to evaluate whether their current performance can be improved in these areas.
Mike Edgeworth. Executive Chairman and Founder at The Shemburn Group.

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