Same income but different tax liability

Self employed and proprietary company directors should support the ISME campaign to stop the unfair and discriminatory tax treatment levied on these groups.
Get writing to the Taoiseach:

Employees are entitled to claim an additional tax credit (currently €1650). The credit is not available to Self-employed or their spouses or civil partners, if paid. This alone means self-employed pay €32 per week more than employees.

Recent Revenue figures show there are 105,000 self-employed on less than €50,000.

Why then must a self-employed single person on an income of €15,000 pay 8 times more tax than her employee on the exact same income and also have a lower entitlement to social welfare benefits.

Now on top of the extra tax, the self-employed suffer a minimum charge of €500 PRSI and pay 4 per cent of our income; employees pay no PRSI if their income is under €352 per week and a percentage thereafter

Make this ‘the best small country to do business’.

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